31 Dec 2013

25 Games release with upcoming Xbox One in 2014

Xbox South Africa has restated that the Xbox One will hit South African shores in 2014. The announcement came after media reports that there was no local release year for Microsoft’s new console.
Told Graeme Selvan, PR Manager for Xbox South Africa, in a press statement”, A few media openings have stated they are still muddled about the official unveil year of the Xbox One in South Africa. I would like officially state it on mail to clear up any confusion, if any.”
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(File Photo) A man plays an XBox One - a new video game console and home entertainment system made by Microsoft- while waiting in line to buy an XBox One from a Microsoft "pop-up shop" at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle on 22, 2013 in New York City. The X Box One arrives just in time for the holiday season, and will be competing against the Sony Playstation Four, which came out last week.

He further added, “The Xbox One will proclamation in South Africa in 2014. We currently do not have an official release date but when we do we will proclaim it to all our media and through our social channels.”
The Xbox 360 didn’t make it to South African shores as part of the first wave either, launching in September 2006 – almost a full year after the USA. However, it disclosed several months before the PS3, which had a March 2007 release.

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