8 Jan 2014

LG curved-screen Smartphone will Make public in 2014

The Korean steady has aligned with EE mobile network to develop 6-inch flexible Smartphone available in February; however particular date and price have not been declared, the proclamations were states during LG’s press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.
LG’s G Flex phone is already on trade in Korea and costs 1.08 million won (£628). If prices track suit in other countries it would put the handset on par with a 32GB iPhone 5S.
LG officially revealed the G Flex phone in October, after months of rumors and assumption.
The device is vertically curved so it bends more easily to a user’s face and gives better voice and sound quality by reducing the distance between a user’s mouth and the microphone. LG additionally declared the device has a so-called ‘self-healing’ case made from an elastic coating capable of ‘recovering from daily wear-and-tear scrapes and marks.’ The phone also has a curved battery, developed by LG’s research arm LG Chem. Other features include a 13MP rear-facing camera.
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LG launched a 55-inch curved TV screen last year, designed to enhance the viewing angle of the screen, and the Korean firm privileges its new phone presents a similar experience when watching videos and playing games.
The rear-control button has been intended so there is fewer chance of a user unintentionally switching off the phone, for example. The button can also be used to control volume levels and other jobs.

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