6 Oct 2013

Conference on Robotics in Emergency and Disaster Management

A robot vehicle built by French company ECA Robotics is shown as part of "TIEMS Week 2013", the annual conference of TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society) at the Bouches-du-Rhone Fire Department school (SDIS 13)  in Velaux, southern France. The main topic of the conference is "Robotics in Emergency and Disaster Management", but papers on innovative solutions for improved preparedness and mitigation are also presented, according to a TIEMS communique. 

A robot vehicle MVF-5 Multifunctional Robotic Firefighting System by company Dok-Ing sprays water canon as part of a TIEMS annual conference entitled 'Robotics in emergency and crisis management, use of UGVs, from Military and EOD to Civil protection' at the Bouches-du-Rhone Fire Department school (SDIS 13) in Velaux, southern France.

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