15 Feb 2014

2,500 Couples Participate in Mass Wedding Event at South Korea

About 2,500 couples form 52 countries marry in the marriage ceremony event at the Cheongshim World Peace Centre, Seoul.
Bride Claire Lacroix, a college student from Canada, said “It was a bit stressful coming here because we’re from Canada. So just preparing for it’s a bit stressful but now that we’re here, like everything’s well.”
Brides wore various kinds of white wedding dresses and grooms donned the church’s symbolic scarves on their black tuxedos.

Couples attend a mass wedding at an event held by the Unification Church in Gapyeong. Unification Church members forming 2500 couples from 52 countries were married in a mass wedding in Seoul.
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Seoul, South Korea, Mass Wedding, 2014. News, Offbeat, Couples, Merry, Marriage, Cheongshim World Peace Centre, Lifestyle, 52 Countries, Participate,

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